Parking Guidance Systems

Dynamic and smart information

Find the parking space you need

Parkki informs drivers about the availability of parking spaces in real time, via two tools: a mobile app and dynamic marker panels.

Guidance of drivers at the spot is a simple and effective way to reduce pollution and improve the accessibility of an area by reducing by more than 30% the traffic generated by all users who go round in circles to find a parking space.

App mobile Parkki

A mobile guidance application to the parking space


  • Guide drivers towards the best available parking offer according to their needs
  • Guarantee a dynamic and accessible city centre
  • Motivate inter-modality


  • Guide customers as close as possible to the brand they are interested in
  • Optimize customers time when shopping.
  • Building customer loyalty


  • Guide employees as close as possible to their workplace
  • The guarantee of having employees on time and satisfied with the service

Dynamic marker signs – Variable message signs

The signs provide drivers with physical information about the parking spaces available in an area and thus guide their traffic. It is a simple, and dynamic place-based guidance.

Guidance to the parking space by dynamic marker signs (or variable message signs) is available in covered parking / underground parking and also in outdoor parking (aisle totem, dynamic marker sign at city entrance…).

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