Smart Parking

Awaken the power of your parking data


The service platform designed for smart parking
Offers the possibility to supervise, facilitate, optimize and inform thanks to the different modules available below

Plateforme stationnement intelligent

A day-to-day support in the management and understanding of your parking area.

Parkki thanks to its Artificial Intelligence (AI) anables you to analyze parking in its environment in order to optimize the services you offer to your clients/citizens. A deep understanding, relevant advice on a day-to-day basis, feedback to guide planning decisions, a tool for transition to more intermodal and connected mobility.


Each module offered by Parkki provides a solution to a specific need. Choose the appropriate modules according to your different needs.


In real time on all your devices

Smart City

Analyze your infrastructure


Inform and guide your drivers

Smart Parking

Optimize the monitoring of your parking lot

Electrical Terminals

Optimize the use of EV terminals


Data availability

Minute Parking

Optimizes the rotation of your parking spaces

License plate recognition

Checks the utilization of the assigned places

On demand

Specific study of a need

If you don’t have your parking connected yet, you can discover all our solutions to connect it quickly and easily on Smart Parking Sensors


In addition, you can choose the additional services you wish to add to control and further boost your parking spaces.

To guide your drivers, please consult our Guidance page


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